Tebtebba sends copies of its publications to AdU Library

In the recent Wow Libraries, Philippines!: tour of outstanding libraries last September 24, Tebtebba, the Indigenous Peoples’ International Centre for Policy Research and Education, Ms. Tess Deliu gave tour organizer Mr. Roderick Ramos (AdU), more than 10 copies of their newly published materials namely:

Indigenoues women, climate change & forests

As indigenous women who are dependent and who live in forests, we continue to play significant roles in protecting the biodiversity and other ecosystem services our forests provide. Our reciprocal relationship and our rights to these forests and resources should be the defining elements to consider in any initiative around forests and climate change – Mandaluyong Declaration of the Global Conference on Indigenous Women, Climate Change and REDD Plus, November 2010

Understanding the Lumad: A Closer Look at a Misunderstanding Culture

This book hopes to help readers gain better insight into the Lumad culture. It celebrates the Lumads’ right to be different. It hopes to contribute to the effort of correcting the historical injustice done to the Lumads for centuries.

Assessing the First Decade of the World's Indigenous People (1995-2004)

The first Decade is one factor which led to the establishment of more indigenous peoples’ formations within the countries. The existence of the UN Permanent Forum, the UN Working Group on the Declaration and the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations provided the venues for indigenous activists and leaders from all the parts of the world to come together. One cannot underestimate the role these spaces played in cementing unities among indigenous peoples who are very diverse.

William "Billy" Funa-ay Claver - Towards Genuine Implementation of Indigenous Peoples' Rights Law: Selected Speeches and Statements

William “Billy” Funa-ay Claver is an Igorot and it is his “Igorotness” which molded most of his perceptions, thoughts and arguments. The main themes of his speeches are: ancestral domain, right to self-determination, Cordillera autonomy, collective and individual human rights, and peace.

Dunong at batas: documenting indigenous wisdom and customary law

This book is the result of indigenous peoples’ documentation of their lived experiences in their practice of customary law and governance, values and sui generis protection of land and resources, traditional knowledge and biodiversity.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, FORESTS AND REDD PLUS: Sustaining and Enhancing Forests Through Traditional Resource Management

“Indigenous peoples’ efforts to protect and conserve their forests and to sustainably manage these prove that they are the ones who have contributed to significantly in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, even before REDD came into the picture. If their customary institutions and practices for managing forests and other resources are reinforced, their contributions… will be further enhanced.” – Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

State of Forests, Policy Environment and Ways Forward

These studies covered the drivers of deforestation and existing national laws and policies on forests, land tenure, indigenous peoples and their rights, climate change and REDD+ from nine countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The reports also provided recommendations on how to address issues and challenges affecting forests and indigenous peoples.

Stories of Eugene, the Earthworm: Learning and Teaching Vermiculture in Baguio City

The stories in this book tell of first-hand experiences of members of the Baguio Vermi Growers (BVG), both indigenous and non-indigenous, as they practice sustainable waste management in an urban setting in the Philippines. Vermiculture is a method of composting that uses earthworms – or Eugene, as members of BVG call them – to speed up the process. The stories narrate how vermiculture is done as one of the proven effective waste management techniques for biodegradable garbage. By processing biodegradable wastes, vermiculture contributes to the reduction of emissions of chemical compounds into the atmosphere…and significantly decreases the biodegradable garbage in the dumpsites, which is one source of greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides. These GHGs are the major cause of global warming and climate change.

Philippine Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: Review of Policy and Implementation

This report is a case study of the situation of the Philippines indigenous peoples with respect to protected areas. It includes a review of Philippines national policies and its implementation

The Day the Cricket Stopped Singing

Cheng distributed copies of his book to over 40 public elementary and secondary schools in the city. He said it is very important to share values to children where they can pick up lessons of life.
Cheng shared that his book is a collection of ancient and modern stories touched by Chinese wisdom that bridges the past with the present time. He said with his books, readers are to experience the exiting and complex Chinese culture.

Valley of Peace: Ancient to Modern Wisdom Through Family Stories

Valley of Peace, as Cheng described connects readers with important values including courage, friendship, faith, gratitude, helpfulness, journeys, joy, kindness, love, nurturing, openness, patience, persistence, plentitude, and quests, dealing with sadness, and separation, temptation, and many more.
He also emphasized the significance of his Chinese roots in producing the book. He said his father used to tell him and his siblings “ your path was carved for you long before your birth, and is accented by the deep and profound symbolism in Chinese history…”

Gift From Ifugao State University to AdU Library…

Igorot by Heart: Keynotes and Selections of a Generation

“IGOROT by Heart”, a book compilation of keynote speeches and presentations from the eight previous International Igorot Consultations (IIC) of the Igorot Global Organization (IGO)will be launched on April 11 at the 9th IIC set at the Baguio Country Club here.
“The essays on the Igorots — the mountain people of the Cordillera in Northern Luzon, Philippines –– cover land, people and culture,” according to the synopsis released by the book editors. “These accounts span 100 years of Igorot experiences, from the 1904 St. Louis Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle, Washington, USA, to the second and third generation Igorots presently residing in North America and Europe.”

Gifts From PHILRICE to AdU Library…

Rice in the Seven Arts

Rice in the Seven Arts

Development Dialogue

Report of the Civil Society Reflection Group on Global Development Perspectives. This report is the main outcome of the joint deliberations. It describes the root causes of the multiple crises, reconfirms the framework of universal principles and rights, reconsiders development goals and indicators, and draws conclusions for the post-2015 development agenda.

Food Staples Sufficiency program: Enhancing Agricultural productivity and Global Competitiveness 2011-2016

Food Staples Sufficiency program: Enhancing Agricultural productivity and Global Competitiveness 2011-2016

No Image

PCARRD FARMNEWS Vol. XXXIV No. 3, july-September 2009

Mga katawagan sa Agrikultura (May Diin sa Pagpapalayan) Ingles-Filipino


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